"Welcome 2 My Paradise" CD New Release!

"Welcome 2 My Paradise" CD New Release!


Newly Released!

Welcome 2 My Paradise marks Henry’ Kapono’s 20th solo album and his 1st Kapono release in 4 years.

Release Date: 2018

Artist: Henry Kapono

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What is the meaning behind the title or theme of the CD?

Welcome 2 My Paradise marks Henry’ Kapono’s 20th solo album and his 1st Kapono release in 4 years. This long awaited collection of 10 originals was largely written while travelling and was inspired by his many fans around the world. W2MP celebrates Henry’s love of life and a state of mind that he believes everybody can achieve if we embrace each day as a gift, love one another and recognize that the little things very often are the big things.

Henry Kapono has had a lifelong love affair with his Home in the Islands, that he calls Paradise. However, his Cd, W2MP, is about a state of mind. Henry see’s everyday as Paradise because he chooses to. Henry embraces every day and sees the beauty in all things and the perfection in the imperfection. He does his best to share this state of mind of love peace and happiness with his family, friends, fans and the world. He encourages others to see the beauty in everyday life and to share their Paradise with the world as well.

Welcome 2 my Paradise celebrates everything I feel about love, family, friends, travel, People and FUN! To be inspired and to celebrate every day and in every way is My Paradise! I take it with me everywhere and share it with everyone every chance I get. I’ve journeyed around the world and back and the experiences have been priceless. It’s been a long train running and a crazy good ride. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am fortunately blessed and extremely grateful. Music has been my religion, my world, my Paradise. Welcome
— Henry

Video Exclusive “Celebrate

Nominated for a Hoku Award (Aka Hawaiian Grammys) “Music Video of the Year”

This video represents my appreciation for the beauty of life that surround us. The things that I myself have taken for granted. The sun the moon the earth and each other. As time goes on we start to realize that all the money and power in the world holds no candle to life that allows us this existence. It gives us the right to carry on and a reason to “Celebrate!!!
— Henry

“Love You Forever”

Nominated for a Hoku Award (Aka Hawaiian Grammys) “Song of the Year”

When Josh (Video Director), gave me the story board and prelim video for this song, I knew he had the vision to capture the essence of ‘Love You Forever’ through this beautiful wedding story and to make an EPIC music video. Mahalo Josh, Claudia, Last Light Pictures and Ruben Carrillo for an amazing job!

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