"Same World" CD

"Same World" CD

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Release Date: 1991

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Same World - Kapono

Release Date 1991

Ten songs performed with a variety of other artists, all written by Henry Kapono, except Same World, written by Michael McDonald & Henry Kapono. Guest artists include Michael McDonald, Touch of Gold, Toto, Tower of Power, Third World, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Praise Youth Childrens' Choir.


  1. Insy'a (with Tower of Power)

  2. I'll Be There (with Michael McDonald)

  3. Stand In The Light (with Third World & Tower of Power)

  4. Hold Me Up

  5. Same World (with Michael McDonald)

  6. One Man

  7. All Because I Love You (with Sam Riney)

  8. I Like the Way (with Tower of Power)

  9. Papaya Blues (with Tower of Power & Jimmy Fadden)

  10. The Hero.

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