"The Hawaiian Survival Handbook" Brother Noland

"The Hawaiian Survival Handbook" Brother Noland


Author/Artist: Brother Noland

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Celebrated Hawaiian musician Brother Noland sees music as just one way to connect with his heritage and the 'aina. A steward of the land and Hawaiian culture, Noland is also a dedicated tracker. "We are and have always been hunters, trackers, and fishermen," he says. In The Hawaiian Survival Handbook, he shares the outdoor skills he has developed over a lifetime spent in Hawaii's forests and waters. These essential tips and tricks will prove handy for the casual day-hiker, intrepid seashore adventurer and hardcore overnight camper alike.

  • How to Avoid a Shark Attack

  • How to Survive a Rip Tide or Undertow

  • How to Forage Hawaii's Shoreline

  • How to Use a Throw Net

  • How to Read the Island Weather

  • How to Build or Find an Overnight Shelter

  • How to Make Fire

  • How to Wayfind in the Forest

  • How to Use the Moon

  • How to Make Use of Native Plants

  • How to Develop the Eye of the Tracker

  • How to Avoid a Wild Pig Attack