"LIVE - Duke's On Sunday" CD

"LIVE - Duke's On Sunday" CD

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Artist: Henry Kapono

Release Date: 2004

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LIVE-Duke's On Sunday - Henry Kapono

Recorded LIVE at Duke's Canoe Club in Waikiki, where Henry has played regularly on the beach on Sundays for 10 years. Includes a new studio bonus track, Duke's On Sunday

Song List:

  1. Dukes's On Sunday

  2. Home In The Islands

  3. Island Boy

  4. I Can See Clearly Now

  5. Everyday In The Islands

  6. Island Inside My Heart

  7. Is This Love

  8. Desperado

  9. Volcano

  10. Montego Bay

  11. Crazy

  12. Sailing

  13. Drift Away

  14. Brown Eyed Girl

  15. Mustang Sally

  16. Insy'a

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