"Henry" CD

"Henry" CD

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Artist: Henry Kapono

Release Date: July 1, 2011

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Henry CD Info Sheet

This CD is about my life “Now”. I have traveled and performed all over the world. My life has been a lesson that continues to test my integrity, honesty, love, courage and all of the qualities of character that I have become and take pride in. This is what these songs reflect. Who I am “Now”, what I believe in and what’s important.”

From “feel good” sing along songs, to ballads of hope, love & dreams and songs about friendship & encouragement combined with Henry’s never ending love affair with the islands and his passion for power & rock, this album is the culmination of the man, the music and the extraordinary talent and legend that is pure HENRY.

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HENRY Song List

  1. Across the Sea

  2. Mr. Sun

  3. I Can't Imagine That

  4. 4Ever & 4All

  5. Sunny Sky Serenade

  6. Im' Not Going Anywhere Without You

  7. I'm Coming Home

  8. Our Love

  9. Dreams

  10. Is That Peace I See

  11. Love Shine

  12. Heart Of A Warrior

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